Sponsorship Opportunities
Attendee Lounge Sponsorships
Wednesday Attendee Lounge Grand Opening Cocktails ($10,000)

Prominent signage in the Attendee Lounge and cocktail napkins with company logo will welcome attendees to the opening of the conference.

Beverage Breaks ($10,000) NEW!

Branded beverage station in Attendee Lounge will be available during all open hours on Thursday and Friday. Includes branded coffee cups.

Breakfast ($5,000/Thursday or Friday or $8,000/Thursday & Friday)

Branded breakfast table tents and prominent signage with company logo will be displayed in buffet area.

Morning Snacks ($3,000/Thursday or Friday or $5,000/Thursday & Friday)

Snack break will be held in the Attendee Lounge. Signage with company logo will be displayed on snack stands and napkins.

Charging Lounge ($5,000)

Branded charging lounge located in the Attendee Lounge for attendees to relax and charge their electronic devices.

Attendee Lounge Tote Bag ($2,500)

Company logo on tote bags available through the Attendee Lounge to hold promotional items, collateral materials, etc.